A Craft Room Gets Creative

A crafts room that had a sign on the door that said KEEP OUT! because it was too crowded and a hazard to walk into. Not only that, it had become the dumping ground for all things not craft!

Not knowing where to start or what the items were inside. Many things had landed into this room, from leftover Christmas, outgrown clothes, half finished projects, extra greeting cards and school supplies, to spare gifts and books. We wanted to create a fun and productive environment that mom (and only mom) could go to unwind and get creative. This was built as a room for mom to use, not a dumping ground for all things spare!

We decided to see what was really being stored in this space. We sorted through each box, bag and basket to determine what we needed to keep and what really belonged in this room.

Several bags were sent to charities that needed those items. Trash was tossed and the remaining items were categorized and contained into Sterilite plastic bins.

We created ‘floor to ceiling’ storage within the closet by removing the existing shelf and clothes rod and installing pre-fab shelves that fit perfectly into the space.

Zones were set up within this room to reflect the intended purpose. Zones developed included storage for: memories, photo album projects, spare gifts and wrapping supplies, books, volunteer projects, craft supplies, extra school supplies storage, toys and collectibles that made mom happy.

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