A garage gets organized

Before 1

Situation: This client has a 3 car garage with no room left for her car. She has lived in this home for 6 years and her car has never once seen the inside of the garage.

Before 2   Before 3

Challenge: This client grew up in a family without much money, and was taught to buy at sales, stock up and to save everything. She has a hard time letting go of things that may be useful some day, or things that she spent money on. “If the item has value, one can’t just throw it away,” she said.

After 1   After 2

Solution: We eliminated the stuff she wasn’t using. While going through what she could get rid of, she realized that these things were not serving her at all, so she was ready to let go of them and pass the on to someone who can use them. Her holiday decor and supplies are organized and easy to find, and her long term storage is safely stored away in plastic bins, with empty ones left over for future storage. We donated all of her unwanted items to her favorite charity.

After 3   After 4

The garage now has the car inside with storage against the walls. Her significant other said that the garage is “like night and day”, and this client can’t wait for her friends to see her organized garage.


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