A Laundry Room Comes Clean

Situation: This is typical for a laundry room- lots of clutter on top of the machines, and no adequate horizontal space for folding clothes.

In this case, the client has front-load machines, so I would recommend installing a countertop across them to provide a large space for folding, like in the photo above. This client was getting ready to sell her house, so we did not install a countertop.

Challenge: The closets were cluttered and full of things that did not belong in the laundry room. We also needed to provide some horizontal folding space without adding a countertop.

Solution: We moved the gift bags and sewing supplies to other closets in the house. We moved towels down to a shelf that this client could reach, and we stored extra fabric for sewing projects on the top shelf, since she will not need to access them very often. Now that the clutter that was on top of the machines has a place, she has this space available for folding clothes.

One of my favorite organizing devices is this roll out cart between the machines that houses cleaning supplies.

Most people don’t use the fast drying rack that comes with some dryers, but are afraid to get rid of it in case they sell the machine or home some day. I recommend mounting this high on the wall or storing it in a garage or other storage space.

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  1. CJP says:

    A really “neat” tip to store sheets and pillowcases…fold all of the items and store them in one of the pillow cases. The set remains intact and stores much easier than trying to stack all the different linens atop each other…Not certain where I learned/heard that, it may have been from you…It’s a great one I’ve been using for years.

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