A new and incredibly easy way to organize your purse!

I was asked to test out a new product recently and I have to say – I love it. This entrepreneuer has designed a clever new way to clear the everyday muck from our handbags!

The Purse Perfector makes changing purses really easy and effortless. Being a no-fuss kind of gal, I do not change purses very often (can you believe this coming from an Image Consultant?!) As a Professional Organizer,  I simply love what this little organizing device does for the inside of my purse.

#1 It keeps everything vertical at all times from my pens to my business cards, sunglasses and lipstick!

2. Everything has a place to live (a home). Although this is basic organizing 101, it rarely happens inside the great abyss of our purse!

3. This organizer can change shape with the zip or unzip of a zipper! So it can fit into a small clutch for formal affairs by just using half of it (I do change purses for these events!) It works well with longer short and narrow purses  by simply unzipping and unfolding.

My favorite moment was when I discovered I could tuck my fat wallet into the middle by simply unzipping one end. Now my wallet has the prime position in the center of it all. You never know when you might need the debit card quickly!

My lipstick, pen, and business cards are there standing straight up and waiting for me to pull them out in a snap! Kudos to this sewing designer/entrepreneuer!

On a green note: Each Purse Perfector order is hand-packed and shipped by a local nonprofit, Easter Seals Work Resource Center, an organization dedicated to training the developmentally disabled in meaningful work.

As an aside: These little perfectors come in crazy bright colors along with grey and tan. I would like to see a version made in black or chocolate brown as well. Maybe with enough orders, this little start up business will blossom into more colors. Check them out!

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4 Responses to A new and incredibly easy way to organize your purse!

  1. Great review. But where are the compartments for the stray crumbs, crumpled receipts and paper clips?

    • Kathi says:

      Glad you asked! There are at least 6 spaces left in mine that are completely empty. I guess I take my corporate motto add space to heart. It seems to be a habit that I cannot break. I LOVE having empty pockets waiting and ready for whatever good that might appear!

  2. Pat says:

    Kathi, I love this organizer!! Having used other types my question to you is do the sides and pockets stay firmly upright and can you easily drop the items into the pocket, or does it take one hand to hold the pocket open while inserting the glasses or whatever with the other hand?

    Thanks for the help with this.


    • Kathi says:

      Everything does remain upright easily but you do have to push open to insert items because it is made from fabric. I like the fact that the middle pocket unzips half or full so you can fit a larger wallet inside. I keep mine halfway unzipped with one end open to accommodate my longer wallet in the middle.

      There are many pockets for glasses, lips, biz cards etc. If you switch handbags frequently this is a perfect way to do it without effort. Because it zips and unzips, it can unzip and fit into wide but shallow purses as well as deep but less wide varieties when it is fully zipped and compact.

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