A New “Return to Work” Wardrobe and Image on a Budget


This client has spent over a year seeking employment with no income. After such a long search, was able to secure a new job. Yippee! But after being laid off for such a long time, she did not have any clothes for hew new position. Additionally, her new employment is a much more casual atmosphere than her last ‘suit’ wearing job.


We found many separates that could be combined with various suit elements. Mixing and matching suit pieces provided a great assortment of new outfits. This allowed her a great deal of flexibility and kept her new wardrobe on a budget.

As you can see, she can be completely casual with simply a blouse and pants, or if she wants to step it up a notch, she can add a jacket from one of her suits. She can also switch shoes and wear the same blouse with the skirt that came with the suit another day.

Dark jeans are the best secret weapon you can add to your wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down depending on whatever you pair them with. From work to play, they go the whole way much better than faded or washed jeans.

Here in Southern California, when paired with a nice suit coat, they are often seen as the new suit for men.

Now my client has a comprehensive wardrobe that was created on a shoestring budget. She will be able to add a new suit or two to increase her wardrobe elements as she gets paid in her new position. Congratulations!

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