Busting Ten Myths About Clutter and Getting Organized

What does it really take to live efficiently? We have many misperceptions about what it takes to become organized as well as a few common stumbling blocks to finishing the job once you begin. Kathi Burns of addSpace to Your Life will debunk the misconceptions about home organization so that you can get your life in order and gain new found peace of mind!

Myth #1

Once I get organized, I will be organized forever!

Organizing is always an ongoing process. It is true that the more systems that you have in place, the easier it is to get back to the place I affectionately call ‘zero’. Zero is the state where everything that you own has a home with room around it to grow a little. This way the system will not fall apart too quickly. BUT, in order to keep order, you must be diligent about maintaining the order that you have created.

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