Bathroom Organizing

Makeup Storage Solution by an Inventive Client!

makeup cabinet Most women wonder what to do with their makeup collection. For the more visually oriented among us, myself included, we don’t want to see it spread all over our bathroom counter. I am very pleased and excited to show you what one of my more enterprising and creative clients designed to overcome her makeup challenge. She purchased a jewelry box and turned it into a make-up storage cabinet It worked out perfectly and keeps her makeup out of site but quickly accessible. She also confided to me that having a contained small storage space, keeps her collection from growing out of control. Most of us have more make-up than we actually use. As you can see by this photo, she has exactly what she needs, no more, no less. She also has a safe place to keep her daily rings and earrings when she showers. Kudos to my brilliant client! makeup storage within

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Bathroom Organizing Before & After

Bathroom Organization

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Situation: Papers and other non-bathroom related items clogging up the bathroom counter space. Duplicate items were purchased frequently because the back-up stock of items could not be located.

Solution: Clear off all non-related items. Make room in cabinets below for bathroom toiletries. Separate all his and her items and create a storage solution behind closed doors. We reused the towel holder to hold and display necklaces for easy access in the morning. The porcelain tray on the counter catches earrings and items emptied from pockets in the evening. The hair dryer and curling iron is tucked into a drawer while not in use but kept plugged in for quick access.

What Our Clients Say:

“My husband says now he feels that he has to keep his side of the bedroom/bathroom clean. He was really glad to see the change and loves it! I love my bathroom counter. I am motivated to put things away to keep it looking nice all of the time. The necklace holder works really well.

I have more drive and energy and we actually worked on the garage last weekend. I decided to get each family member to do only 4-5 things each. This made it really easy to get a lot accomplished.”

Debbie, San Diego”

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A Messy Makeup Drawer Gets Organized


Many of us have makeup drawers that are simply not functional. This is the case with this client, can you tell? It’s hard for this woman to even get out of the house in the morning because she can’t find the makeup she’s looking for.


As you can see, there are duplicates of the same product, things that don’t belong in this drawer, and the items are just piled into the drawer on top of each other.


We created a containerizing system where all of the makeup used every day is easy to find, as well as a bin for creams used at night. Now the client can easily see all of her makeup and find what she’s looking for.

If your makeup drawer looks like the one above, take some time to clean it out, organize it, and make sure the makeup you use every day is easy to find. You will find it is much easier and faster to get going in the morning.

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A bathroom turned closet becomes a usable bathroom again

Situation: This bathroom was used to store old tax records, old flight manuals, and a safe. It had not been used as a bathroom for over 3 years.


Challenge: The papers were completely unorganized, and included years of tax records, bags of miscellaneous receipts, and random photos that had accumulated over 3 years. The shower was being used as a laundry line for clothes to dry.


Solution: We sorted through the bags of receipts, identified which documents were needed for sufficient tax records, and purged the rest. We also sorted through the photos and put them in appropriate containers. We even found space in the master closet for the clothes. Now this bathroom can be used as a bathroom again!

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Home Organization of Bathroom Cabinets

A bathroom cabinet with no organizational system.


A quick sort and a few containers and this cabinet is now easy to use!

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Organizing Your Bathroom Often Requires a BIG Purge

Sometimes life has a way of sneaking up on us and, before we know it, our clutter becomes overwhelming. This disorganization and clutter in this particular bathroom was a product of many factors:

#1 The client had lived in this house for a few decades.

The longer you live in one place, the more stuff you collect because you don’t have a super urgent reason to downsize. This particular home had a huge master bath with only one occupant so there was plenty of room to store the extra clutter!

#2 Health challenges made it difficult to clean and keep up with the clutter

As our health deteriorates, we sometimes lose the desire or have the capacity to create order in our life. Health challenges will almost always take priority. The tragic part of this situation is that when you are sick, this is probably the most important time to have space and a clear/clean environment. Space always makes us feel better!



#3.Being surrounded by a lot of stuff helps us to feel less lonely when we live alone.

Some people equate more stuff with greater happiness. They will try to fill the void in their life by accumulating more things.






Unfortunately, this  project was completed after the client moved into an assisted living community.

The good news is that we were able to donate all of the usable toiletries to a local women’s shelter and they were ecstatic!

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A Little Bathroom Drawer Organization Can Go a Long Way

Are your bathroom drawers a jumble of disorganized chaos?

Never fear. With a little love and proper organization within, your drawers can help you get ready in the morning instead of hampering your progress to get out the door and off to work on time!


As you might notice, there were many items in this drawer that were not part of a man’s daily ‘off to work’ routine.


We moved everything out that did not help in the morning and brought in everything that was part of the early routine. With everything he needs organized into one drawer, my client is now less frustrated, off and out to work on time.

All of the wife’s items are now in her own drawer and she is also organized!

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