4 Tips to Keep Your Car Organized (+ Bonus Video to Organize Grocery Shopping)

Cars that used to be luxury items are now turning into on-the-go dens and mini-offices. Whether you play the role of mom chauffeur or work on the road, you need to implement a few tricks to keep your clutter at bay.

Let’s face it, kids in and out, spending time in school lines and working from your car will add wear and tear on the car and also add wear and tear on you – the driver!

Sticky seats, pens without caps, stale coffee mugs and other nasty items can gross out even the most seasoned traveller. So what to do?

Follow these 4 steps to keep your ‘home on wheels’ in good condition

1. Keep your car tidy by always taking something with you when you go from your car to your home.  And ask everyone (kids, spouse) to take something, too!

2. Use storage and organizing containers on the back of your car seats and in the trunk.

3. Keep reusable bags in your car so you are ready for eco-friendly shopping at all times.

4. Keep a trash bag in the car so that trash has a place to live other than your floorboard!

Watch this video to learn many other grocery shopping and meal preparation tips for staying organized:

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How to Increase The Storage Space Within Your Small Closet

What’s the best way to manage the limited space without having to do renovation work on the house?


Clients frequently ask me this questions and I solve this challenge with a few different organizing tricks.


One of the most common tips I recommend  is to convert your single rod into a double rod by adding a drop down hanging rod.


These are available at most department stores, are super cost effective and do not require tools to assemble.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 5.43.10 PM

Once you have doubled your hanging space, make sure to look up and see what type of extra space you have above your shelf. You can easily add another free-standing shelf on top of your shelf for more storage area. I have used the inexpensive shoe shelves to add more shelf space above the traditional single shelf.

If you don’t want to install another shelf, use containers that are more tall than wide to use as much space above as possible.

If you have a two sliding door closet with pockets of unused space on either side, purchase a shoe carousel that secures itself floor to ceiling on a rod.

The seemingly useless pocket of space to the right or left of your sliding door can then be used for shoe storage.


If you don’t have space in the corner for this solution, use hanging shoe bags which will drop down off your hanging rod to hold 10 pairs of shoes in a 4-5 inch area. I once used 4 of these to organize 40 pairs of shoes. The hanging rod space required was less than 20 inches!


If these tips don’t quite finish your organizing closet project, leave a comment or question below and I will offer you even more solutions based on what you are up against.


Thanks for reading!


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How to Spring Clean With Ease All Year Long

Cleaning Kit Ready to clean but can’t find the scrubber brush? 

  • Keep a separate bucket of cleaning products in each major cleaning area, i.e. a complete set for kitchen & a separate set for each bathroom. 
  • Each bucket should contain sponges, gloves, cleaner sprays & separate specialty items such as toilet bowl cleaner, shower door spray or oven cleaner.

When you are ready to tackle the job, simply pull out your bucket & begin cleaning! Once the job is completed, put it back in the cabinet under the sink and you’ll be ready to go again.

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Two Sisters Get Organized, Decluttered and Moved into Seperate Bedrooms



I recently had the pleasure of helping two girls move into separate rooms.

These 2nd and 4th grade girls had spent their entire lives sharing the same room and now that they are older (and all grown up, they say!) the oldest gets to move into her own separate bedroom.


There were three stages to this project:

1. Sort through clothes

2. Sort through books

3. Sort through toys and papers


STAGE ONE – Clothes Sort

The first step taken to separate the clothes was to figure out:

#1 Whose clothes were whose

#2 See if they still fit the owner

So to start, each girl went through the closet and decided either to keep, toss, donate or handed it off to the other sister so she could proceed with the same process.

After we sorted clothes, we moved the 4th graders clothes down into her new room so I could determine what type of organizing supplies were needed to set up a system within her closet.



Following the same process, we continued into both steps of determining who owned what and eliminating the unloved or unused books from their gigantic collection.

By the time we made it to stage two, the girls were feeling a bit ancy so we decided to up the fun factor and have a book auction!


This is how it went:

I held up a book and each girl could vote for it if she wanted it.

The first hand up – got the book.

If no one raised their hand it went off to charity for some other young child to receive who normally could not afford  new book.

If there was a tie, the girls had to barter among themselves for what was fair and if they could possibly trade out later.

The funniest thing happened during this process! I was holding up what appeared to me to be a great reference book on animals. When neither of the girls raised their hand, I asked will you possibly need this for future class projects? The second grader looks at me in disbelief and says ” there is such a thing as the internets you know!”  I think I will always remember that day!

Kids are truly tuned in, tapped on and hooked automatically into the internet! Isn’t it great? Thinking about it now, I think it is such an advantage for any school report – most of the information in the world is literally at our fingertips x 100,000 or more!

After these two steps, we called it a day and set up our next appointment so we could tackle toys and finish setting up systems within each room.


STAGE THREE – Toys, toys and more toys!

On the first day we did a rough sort of toys and placed each sister’s toys put into boxes and then moved them into each closet so we could sort later.

Now it was time to sort, eliminate and organize all of the other toys throughout the house.

Dad did an amazing job gathering all random toys and setting us up to sort them in the den.

IMG_2203 IMG_2205 To keep it fair and make it more fun, the girls wanted to do another auction – this time with Barbies and all of her accessories. Dad suggested that we use a giant bin for donations and he was definitely correct! with all of the small pieces, shoes, clothes and Barbies, we filled up a giant bin for donations. The girls did a great job!

After sorting, we jumped into containerizing and decide if the toys should live in the bedroom closet or the newly designed toy closet.

IMG_2216 Oila!


In between appointments, he also purchased and installed two new shelves and a rolling cart for mom’s work out equipment so it would fit within the toy closet.



The rolling cart is such a smart idea! When mom wants to work out, she simply rolls it out of the toy closet and all her weights and belts are right there and ready to use!


All in all, this project turned out great and the girls were so much fun to work with, even when they got bored and restless!  They are great sisters who truly love and respect each other.

As an author and lover of books, I am also relieved to see that even with the ‘internets’ they are avid readers of “real” books with covers and actual paper pages inside!




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Spring Cleaning Goes Faster With The Proper Home Cleaning Kit


This home cleaning kit was created by Melissa J. Will, The Empress Of Dirt.  I love these recipes! When you are armed with the best supplies to get the job done, it’s much easier to quickly grab the kit and dust or clean.  Here is an excerpt from Melissa’s blog:

12 Home Cleaning Kit Essentials: eco-friendly homemade cleaning recipes plus recommended supplies to keep your home sparkling clean

Make It Easy To Maintain A Clean Home
A smartly-stocked cleaning supply kit is the key to making regular house cleaning a whole lot easier.

This kit would make a wonderful house-warming gift (for people like me who enjoy practical and useful gifts).

The items in my cleaning kit are good quality but still frugal, use gentle cleaning ingredients you can find at the supermarket (eco-friendly, non-toxic—of course!), and make it (almost) enjoyable to maintain a clean home.

I’ve provided the recipes for my favourite cleansers (glass, tile, disinfectant, and general purpose) and links to all of the products I like. I strongly suggest you invest in longer-lasting equipment (it doesn’t cost much more) because that difference in quality really speeds up a lot of cleaning chores.

By having all these little tools at your fingertips, you can deal with any problem areas you encounter right away.

If you like your cleaning products scented, you could add a few drops of favorite essential oils.

12 Home Cleaning Kit Essentials: eco-friendly homemade cleaning recipes plus recommended supplies to keep your home sparkling clean

A lightweight cleaning supply caddy makes it really convenient to grab the kit and work on a few areas each day. I have no interest in perfection, but I do enjoy a nicely maintained home. Or that’s the plan, anyways. We all know life happens.

Make A Home Cleaning Kit includes recommended supplies and eco-friendly recipes


It does not cost a lot to get better quality supplies and they last a lot longer and are therefore more frugal.

Spray bottles – Pick different colored tops so you know what’s what

All purpose cleaner |  1 teaspoon dish soap: 4 cups water

Disinfectant |  1 part rubbing alcohol: 1 part water

Glass cleaner | 1 part vinegar: 1 part water

Tub & Tile cleaner | 1 part vinegar: 1 part dish soap

Degreaser | 1 part vegetable oil: 2 parts baking soda


Thanks Melissa! I love these recipes and am going to switch to these all- natural cleaning supplies this week.

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Organize Mindfully and Enjoy Life – Podcast Interview

Want to get started simplifying and organizing  your life?

When you listen to this interview with Mark Dillon and Kathi Burns, you will learn a few insider tips and tricks to get your life organized!

Feel inspired to keep going and add 4 extra hours in your life each and every day?

Grab this free video  (value $19.99)  to learn quick and easy ways to get your life in order, your clutter under control and have more time for the most important things in your life like fun and family!






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Is 2016 The Year You Finally Get Your Home Organized?

Getting your entire home organized might seem like an overwhelming task. Maybe even the thought of getting one organized might seem out of reach.

If you have been struggling with a messy disorganized home, I  know that other parts of your life are probably also not going as smooth as you wish. You see, disorganization in any area of your life spreads over into all of the others.

Consider this scenario: You have an early appointment first thing on the morning.  You set your alarm, scramble out of bed and jump into your closet. UGH – you cant find the sweater that you wanted to wear and the pants appear to be wrinkled because they were stuck between two jackets. You finally put together an outfit – not the one you had in mind but – you look acceptable.

Next stop ~ the kitchen. You want to grab a quick cup of coffee and a bagel and head out the door. Oops  – the coffee container is empty and you don’t know where your refill cartridges are right now. So – skip that. You find the bagels but cant find the jam so you slab some butter and head out the door.

You do arrive on time to your appointment but you feel extremely frazzled. Also, you are not as confident as you would have been in the that perfect sweater and you try to hide the wrinkles in your slacks by sitting down quickly when the meeting begins.

So – what price did you pay for having a disorganized closet and a mess of a pantry?

#1 You werent at the top of your game for the meeting.

#2 You made it on time but barely and happy that you did not get a speeding ticket enroute.

#3 During the meeting you silently berate yourself  and swear you will get it together better next time. “Oh, what was he just saying? I’d better tune in and stop festering.”

#4 You arrive home and feel defeated and also exhausted when you look around your home.

This example might seem a bit extreme, but I hear many versions of this story when I work one on one with my clients. This is why I decided to take my knowledge and make it accessible it to everyone, regardless of where they live or even their budget.

I have created a course called Home Organizing Made Simple where I can guide you and help you organize your entire home. I’ll be with you every step of the way, room by room, task by task.

I created simple instructional videos and checklists with tried and true tips that I have been using with my clients over the last decade.

This course is a step by step instruction curriculum that everyone can use to get their home organized and, once again,  create space for themselves to relax and enjoy their home!

So many people are stuck in the rut of their possessions possessing them. Too many things that suck the time out of their day and keep them from being able to enjoy free time and relaxation.

So here it is! I am so proud to introduce this life changing course that will guide you and help you take control and get your home in order once and for all!

This course is loaded with videos, checklists and motivational examples developed to support you as you take control of your home and create order once and for all!

Check out the details with this link and I will see you there!

This Home Organizing Made Simple Course will:

Provide easy manageable, controllable short sprints to clear the clutter through each room of your home.

Keep you from feeling overwhelmed as you tackle each area.

Provide a gentle, professional, guiding light to help you move through your process.

Eliminate the distractions that keep you from being fully present to your family.

Eliminate the endless piles of objects stacked everywhere throughout your house.

Click here to learn more!

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Get Organized and Take Stock Before You Shop For The Holidays

It’s that time of year when houses fill with holiday cheer in the form of holiday gifts, decorations and accoutrements that make the season festive. Many of my clients are downsizing or trying to maintain a clutter-free home and they take a different view of the holidays as they work to simplify their lives. I’m not talking about anti-capitalism; but shopping, buying and gift-giving requires a paradigm shift to stay focused, organized and on the right track.

Some of you may want to move toward those same goals so let’s break it down:

Take stock:

Visit the gift closet/drawer (most of us have one) before you start buying new gifts. Assign each gift to a person on your list. If you have a lot of extras you haven’t used for years, donate them to agencies looking for unwrapped gifts.
Take your list and shop early to avoid expensive last-minute purchases and to stay within budget.
Look in your food pantry and take stock of what’s there before you buy any new food. If there are items you aren’t going to use and aren’t expired, give them to the Food Pantry in your area.
Unearth the paper products, decorations, and holiday cards you bought last year at the end of the season before you buy anything new.
Peruse your clothing closet for holiday wear that you still adore and haven’t worn more than once. Maybe an accessory such as jewelry, shoes or a scarf will give it that needed update.

Thoughtful gift-giving:

Gift of time: An experience to enjoy with someone else where you lose track of time!
One-of-a-kind gifts: Handmade gifts (yours or others).
Gift of creativity: If the receiver of your gift wants to get back to creativity in his or her life (i.e. painting, scrapbooking, writing, woodworking, photography, knitting, etc.), give a gift card to a favorite craft/hobby store.
Gift for the future: For the child who has everything, contributions to a college fund could be the answer.
Gift of nothing: If people tell you they don’t want a gift; listen to them. In other words, give them what they prefer, not what you prefer to give them.

Planning for the future:

Take all donations to your favorite charity before December 31 to get your tax receipt for 2015 taxes.
Go through your children’s toys and clothes before they receive new items and take them with you when you donate the items.
Keep large future monetary purchases in mind (i.e. house down payment, new car, etc.) to keep spending in check.
If you are paying off credit cards or saving for retirement, don’t forget those commitments at the holidays; stay on track.

It can be challenge to disregard the commercialism and retail frenzy of the holidays, but if we become discriminating and savvy shoppers, the New Year won’t bring new bills, but rather new memories to look forward to!


This article was written and published by my colleague Vali Heist of the Clutter Crew. She provided so many great tips for this season that I had to share them with you. Thanks Vali and happy holidays to all!


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3 Online Tools to Help You Stay Organized

In this day and age, there’s no denying that technology can be your best friend when you’re trying to stay organized, and whether you are among the millions who still use desktop computers, or one of those who proudly proclaim to have migrated all their computing to tablets and smartphones, there are plenty of applications that can help you make the most of your time. If you’re having trouble staying focused and just need a bit of a push, try out these apps:

1. For Desktop Users: RescueTime
Time is our most valuable commodity, and with so much information available on the internet, it’s not unlikely that you’ll end up losing more time browsing random websites than actually getting work done. RescueTime understands this, and it provides a good platform through which you can gauge just how much time you’re wasting on random websites. You load up the app on your computer, and it tracks which websites or programs you spend the most time on, giving you a great view of how you spend your time on your computer so you can adjust accordingly. If you pay for the app, you can even set RescueTime to block certain websites after you’ve spent a certain amount of time on them.

2. For Smartphone Users: 24me
According to the developers of mobile gaming website Spin Genie, growth in mobile internet is among the strongest trends on the internet landscape today, and while there were 1 billion smartphone users in 2012, this number is set to double by the end of this year. For many, their smartphones can be a distraction, but with apps like 24me, you can actually get more organized thanks to your smartphone. 24me doesn’t just send you notifications to remind you to pay your bills or to attend meetings or work on reports – if you sync your Facebook, it can even greet your friends on their birthdays for you. You can also create lists and easily share them with colleagues or family, allowing for easy collaboration.

3. For Both: GoogleNow
Whether you’re on Windows, Android, iOS or OSX, there’s a huge chance that you use Google, and knowing this, Google has created Google Now, an intelligent personal assistant that allows you to get the information you want easily from all across the web by integrating with different websites. It presents everything to users in “cards” which can be customized so you have easy access to all the information you could need, without having to manually do Google searches for it. It even has some fun and useful features, including barcode scanning, song recognition, and even the ability to store your boarding pass.


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Organizing A Halloween Trunk N’ Treat Party In 9 Easy Steps

Are you planning an alternative Trunk’n Treat Halloween celebration for kids and families this year?

For neighborhoods that aren’t conducive to sidewalk trick and treating, Trunk’n Treat parties are a safe, fun alternative to Halloween.

I found a great article on WikiHow that provided good tips for planning this type of celebration and thought that I would add my two cents and share it with you.


Families join together to host a small mim-carnival now known as Trunk’n Treat  celebrations. This is an easy way to create an alternative activity for this year’s Halloween.

Adults organize and prepare booths that children can walk around to, play games, and receive prizes/candy.

You can easily organize this effort by following these 9 steps:

1. Find a venue that will hold your anticipated crowd. For instance is there lighting, parking and wide lanes to walk.

Parking Lot

2. Recruit friends and volunteers to help with parking and setting up booths and overseeing group activities.


3. Determine what type of games will work the best – i.e. bean bag games, art projects, face painting etc.

Art Projects 4. Make a sign for each game that explains guidelines and prizes.

Create List 5. Decide if the children will receive grab bags, prizes or candy.

Prizes 6. Each booth should plan on providing at least 50 treats each.

Candy 7. Get entertainers to appear at designated times.

Witch entertainer 8. Make sure that everyone knows the guidelines for the booths and other entries like whether the cars will be lighted or simply decorated. Also if trucks and vans are acceptable.

Trunk'n-Treat-for-Halloween 9. Decide in advance  based on the age of the children involved and inform attendees whether loud or scary noises are acceptable.

Pumpkin in candy After all is planned and setup, enjoy a night of fun and family!

*All images are licensed by Creative Commons Uploaded by: Wikivisual/addSpace





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