How to organize shared computer files

Situation: This computer was being used by many people at an insurance agency, and there was no defined organization system for the files and folders. Therefore, files were misfiled, hard to find, and there was no clear place to save new files.

Challenge: These files were to be moved to a shared storage drive. The client needed the files to be organized before being transferred to the storage drive, and because they are paying for the amount of diskspace being used, unnecessary files needed to be sorted and archived.

Solution: We developed an archival system to sort out the files that did not need to be transferred to the shared drive. A system for sorting the relevant files was also created and will be explained to each user. Files will remain organized and easy to find.

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The Ashes on the Sea office gets organized

“We hired Kathi a couple of years ago to help us get a handle on our flat filing and general office disorder. The system she helped us implement was simple and easy to use! We shredded pounds of old & unnecessary files. Although she already has a great reputation, we just wanted to go on public record here to say that all that great stuff you’ve heard is true”

Anya Shortridge, Owner, Ashes on the Sea” August 10, 2012

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Organizing a Busy Work Desk

before piles before 2


With only a small desk and no defined office space, this client had to keep track of massive amounts of information. With such a small space, my news producer was in desperate (more…)

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Successful CEO buried in paperwork

Before / After Case Study

( Move mouse over picture for after )


Papers were the dominant player on the desk of this busy CEO. Years of inaction kept these papers piling up until they were no longer important. Time was the organizing factor for this desk. Once a few years past, the bottom layer could be removed because it no longer was a pressing matter.


Every paper in the office was touched and either filed or tossed. The Freedom Filer filing system was implemented so that all papers put into the file system would have an exit strategy. This way the folders would not expand into more file cabinets over time.

We created a filling system that kept piles off of the desk and focused on keeping 60% of the desk area open for business. Instead of laying a paper onto the desk surface when in hand, a decision was made as to whether it should be tossed, filed into a hanging folder or moved into one of the vertical desktop folders as an active project. Months later, the desk is still clear and the system is functioning!

What Our Clients Say:

“You’ve been a significant agent for change in our client’s life. He has kept up with your system and his desk remains clear. I’m sure this has increased his effectiveness/productivity.

You’re terrific at what you do, and I thank you for it.”

Marc B.

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