An entertainment center that was no longer entertaining

SITUATION: An entertainment center that no longer entertained, but instead, simply annoyed the owner.

CHALLENGE: This entertainment center was in the footpath of the way into and out of, the family/great room. I think that the basket was originally intended to hold remote controls.

Instead of being a storage area for entertainment supplies, it was housing keys, glasses, and any other loose toy that was found in that area.

SOLUTION: I recommended getting rid of the basket. Baskets are often a tricky solution to implement. Unless the intended purpose for each basket / container is agreed upon by all family members, it will begin to attract miscellaneous objects almost like magic.

We got busy and emptied and reorganized the drawers that were part of this massive entertainment center. Many of the drawers were underutilized and did not contain entertainment related items. After creating a cabinet space for cameras and other video related tools, we were able to get those supplies off the shelf. Also, in the process, we found memory cards, charger cords and bags that were scattered throughout the area. Now, when it is time for a quick photo or action video of the baby, all important items are quickly located.

It was determined that the basket was not the solution for this area. Instead, using a drawer was a better alternative. This way keys and could gather without becoming an eyesore during tv time.

We also spent a lot of time sorting through electrical cords and moved all of them into a tub to be stored in the garage for future needs. Every house that I visit has too many unidentified cords.

Look at this from my perspective for a moment because this is a very common problem. If all of the electronic devices that you own and use right now are hooked up and functioning, it is a good idea to let go of the unidentified cords that are jamming up your drawers and cabinets. If you can’t convince yourself to let them go, at least move them out of the house and store them in the garage in the tool zone.

Consider this, what is the worst thing that can happen if you don’t have the proper cord later? Well, for starters, right now everything you own is working and hooked up just fine. If you do one day need a cord, go out and spend the $10- 20 to replace it. The money that you might possibly have to spend later is better than living with a drawer or cabinet space that doesn’t function every day in the meantime. Right? Well, at least I think so…

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Organizing a Fire Hazard of a Den


This client loved to read and had a massive collection of books. She had so many that they did not fit on her floor to ceiling, wall to wall bookshelf. This caused many books to wind up on the floor and surrounding surfaces, ready to topple at any given moment. There were also too many papers scattered on the floor that could easily make this elderly woman slip and fall.


We reorganized the existing bookshelf so that it could hold the maximum amount of books. After that we cleared out as many books as necessary to make it a safe environment. We donated all excess books to the local library. They were ecstatic to receive so many books that were in such excellent condition.

Keep this in mind for your old books – libraries will either  add  your titles to their catalog or sell them at their bookstore to collect money for newer titles.

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A Den Turned Playroom Turned Den Again

A den that was no longer used by the family except for storage. What had once been a family gathering place and kid’s play area became a thruway as the kids grew up.

Left over furnishings and toy storage containers still full of 10 year old and no longer used toys. New toys for teenagers like telescopes etc. This area was also a staging ground for donations to the local school fundraising auction.

Set a deadline for auction items to leave the home. Donate all excess furniture and old toys. Rearrange the room so that people might begin using the space for a lounging and watching television.

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Organizing a Family Den ~ Before & After Case Study

Before / After Case Study:

( Move mouse over picture for after )


As the kids grew into high school age, the family no longer used this den. As an in-between/hallway room, it collected castaways and collections for upcoming school events. There were toys from decade earlier, videotapes no longer viewed and all sorts of forgotten items that were dropped on the way through.


We began by getting rid of the old toys and toy bin unit. We also loaded the items set aside for the school fundraiser and shipped them out that day for the school to store. We re-purposed an old credenza to act as TV stand that also conveniently ended up containing the remaining videos and DVD’s,

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