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A Busy Home Office Overwhelmed with Paperwork Gets Freedom Filed!

A client recently contacted me because she was unclear about what paperwork she needed to keep and what she could shred. She had papers spread throughout her office. With information pertaining to numerous investment properties and multiple (more…)

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How to organize shared computer files

Situation: This computer was being used by many people at an insurance agency, and there was no defined organization system for the files and folders. Therefore, files were misfiled, hard to find, and there was no clear place to save new files.

Challenge: These files were to be moved to a shared storage drive. The client needed the files to be organized before being transferred to the storage drive, and because they are paying for the amount of diskspace being used, unnecessary files needed to be sorted and archived.

Solution: We developed an archival system to sort out the files that did not need to be transferred to the shared drive. A system for sorting the relevant files was also created and will be explained to each user. Files will remain organized and easy to find.

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The Ashes on the Sea office gets organized

“We hired Kathi a couple of years ago to help us get a handle on our flat filing and general office disorder. The system she helped us implement was simple and easy to use! We shredded pounds of old & unnecessary files. Although she already has a great reputation, we just wanted to go on public record here to say that all that great stuff you’ve heard is true”

Anya Shortridge, Owner, Ashes on the Sea” August 10, 2012

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How a Client Organized Her Home-Based Business Paperwork: Day 2

Situation: A scientist and entrepreneur has a home-based business and multiple investments. She and her husband have too much paperwork and need a system for paper flow and organization.


Challenge: The client has kept pay stubs and other paperwork for the last twelve years saved by her husband who is reluctant to get rid of it. They are also not sure what paperwork they need to keep for their investments.


Solution: We separated and organized all of their paperwork and filed it using the the Freedom Filer file system. We taught the client’s wife how to use the system so she can keep their paperwork in control. If the client decides to keep the old pay stubs and paperwork, they will be stored in separate boxes and not incorporated into the Freedom Filer system.

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Organizing files

Before / After Case Study:

( Move mouse over picture for after )

( Move mouse over picture for after )

A file cabinet that was not used to it’s fullest potential!

The top drawer did have files standing up vertically but was so jammed packed that it was hard to pull anything out and without tabs for each section of papers required the “hunt and seek” method for retrieval. The bottom drawer was more of a pile than a file sort of organization. This drawer was simply folders stacked on top of one another in no apparent order.


We implemented the Freedom Filer system with these papers. Now, all tax related documents were grouped together, easily filed as they came into the office and pre-organized for tax preparation. Her numerous resource folders were at her fingertips, and all non-tax related bills and bank statements were filed and ready to be systematically removed from the drawer and her life within two years!

What Our Clients Say:

Your enthusiasm and energy made this project very enjoyable. You were
really good with creating systems and finding the space for all of my
clothes. I love my new closets.”

Ruth Rinek, La Jolla

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