Laundry Room

A Laundry Room Comes Clean

Situation: This is typical for a laundry room- lots of clutter on top of the machines, and no adequate horizontal space for folding clothes.

In this case, the client has front-load machines, so I would recommend installing a countertop across them to provide a large space for folding, like in the photo above. This client was getting ready to sell her house, so we did not install a countertop.

Challenge: The closets were cluttered and full of things that did not belong in the laundry room. We also needed to provide some horizontal folding space without adding a countertop.

Solution: We moved the gift bags and sewing supplies to other closets in the house. We moved towels down to a shelf that this client could reach, and we stored extra fabric for sewing projects on the top shelf, since she will not need to access them very often. Now that the clutter that was on top of the machines has a place, she has this space available for folding clothes.

One of my favorite organizing devices is this roll out cart between the machines that houses cleaning supplies.

Most people don’t use the fast drying rack that comes with some dryers, but are afraid to get rid of it in case they sell the machine or home some day. I recommend mounting this high on the wall or storing it in a garage or other storage space.

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How to organize your laundry area

Situation: This laundry area was unorganized and under utilized. As you can see, the clutter was getting in the way and making it difficult to do the laundry.

Challenge: Laundry and donations were mixed together, bags of clothes were getting in the way, and cleaning tools and storage items were piling up on top of the machines.

Solution: We moved an old shelf unit onto the dryer to provide vertical storage. We hung the broom and mop up on the wall above the washer. We brought tools, lightbulbs, and cleaning products into this area to give them a proper home. We also purchased a smaller laundry hamper to hold dirty clothes without getting in the way.

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The Balcony that was used for Storage Space


This balcony was used as a catch-all for items that needed to be moved to other places within the house. It all began with the laundry. The family needed a central location to gather laundry and the ideal spot was on the balcony outside two of the bedrooms. This was a OK idea but, as we know, when items outgrow their space, clutter grows into more clutter!


The baskets being used did not provide enough space for all of the laundry as it landed there. Once the laundry began to overflow, other totally unrelated items began to gather there as well. Surprise! OK, not really…


We cleared away everything that was not laundry related and either donated it or moved it to other parts of the house. The kids were old enough to safely remove the mesh barrier. We purchased a set of nice wood cabinets that held three large laundry bins. Now the landing area is clean and clear and the laundry is behind closed doors! The view from the front door looking up is fantastic and even the dog loves the new perspective.

*Please note: the picture does not show the new three drawer laundry system.  It was taken after we had cleared the landing and before the new cabinet was installed The photo above is representative of what we used for the cabinet solution.

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Laundry/Craft Room Gets a Clean Sweep

Laundry room before

Situation: This laundry room also served as a craft room. The previous owner had designed a built-in work space with cabinets but there were too many items to fit inside the area until they were better organized.

Challenge: There were multiple crafts projects (more…)

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