Choosing the Perfect Clothes For Your Job Interview ~ A guide to savvy style for men

Suit for Interview

With the economy still struggling to get back to normal, many people are redefining their careers. Many because they have been let go by their employers and don’t have a choice, but many others because the time simply feels right to make a change.

As a professional change agent, I feel that this is the perfect time to make significant changes in your life. When there is chaos and disorder, change (more…)

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The Effortless Guide to Men’s Style

This special report is a compilation of 8 years of private consultations with my male clients. It covers their most commonly asked questions with succinct and easy to implement ideas and advice. It also includes a list of the 18 essential wardrobe elements that every well-dressed man should have within his closet.

Topics within this report include:

• Men’s 18 Essential Wardrobe Elements
• How to Select the Perfect Suit
• Choosing Your Perfect Shirt Collar Shape
• How to Become a Sharp Dressed Man
• Frequently Asked Fashion Questions

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Entreprenuer Upgrades to a Board Of Director Image


This successful entrepreneur has an incredibly casual work environment so jeans and sports garb were common office attire. As he began serving on numerous city boards and running for council, he wanted to step up his image for the increased community visibility.


Helping this client realize that ‘stepping up his image’ would not mean wearing uncomfortable clothes. Getting him out of his day-to-day tennis shoe routine. After all, tennis shoes should only be seen when going to and from the gym or a sporting event!


Finding separate pieces that were casual and comfortable but were a tad dressier than the clothes he normally selected. I found dark washed jeans that he could pair with a nice shirt and even a sport coat, if necessary, for board meetings. Also, dark green and brown jeans that had a bit more edge than blue jeans when paired with a sport coat.

I found incredibly stylish shoes that had tennis shoe soles and similar fit and feel but were constructed in dark brown leather.

*Please note: This photo was taken during shop phase and before tailoring and alterations.

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Image consultant Dot.Com entrepreneur

“You can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life. That is how I feel about this experience.”


A man who didn’t know how to dress for his shape or complexion. He was trapped in over sized clothes and bad colors that did nothing for his image. A great V-shaped physique was hiding under the baggy and over mature clothes.


Use lines that skim the body to accent V-shaped physique. No more oversized clothes. Create longer leg line and shorten the torso. Choose colors that work with his autumn and Irish complexion. Add young, hip accessories. Create a wardrobe that can go from casual to formal and power business meetings.

What My Client Said:

“I used to look in my closet and have no idea what to pull out. Now I can go in and have 10 outfits that I know will look good. It has sped me up when I am heading out the door. I also now have some idea of what looks good with what.”

Cliff M, San Diego

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