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Dear Kathi,

I have enough dresser space to hold all of my casual and work clothes throughout the year. Should I store my off-season clothes somewhere else to keep them out of sight? Also, how should I arrange my clothes between both dressers?

Laurie, Encinitas

Laurie, You are very fortunate to have enough drawer space for all of your clothes. There is no real need to stow off-season clothes in bins unless your drawers are packed to overflowing. The weather in San Diego is perfect for layering sweaters in the mornings and stripping down to sleeveless shells by noon. If you were to stow anything, it might be your really heavy sweaters in the summer. Group your clothes together in each dresser according to function. Choose the easiest drawers for daily wear items like underwear. Place your casual clothing in one dresser and your work attire in another. This division makes it easy to choose an outfit quickly. You will know where to stand and what drawers to open as you begin to dress. Dresser number one will hold all of your work-related clothing. Dresser number two will be the place to find your casual outfits.

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