Colored Tubs for Holiday Decor – Get Them Now

This is the time to get your colored holiday tubs. They come in red and green, and it’s a perfect way to store your Christmas decor. The great things about tub is they are an agreement with yourself about how much holiday stuff you really need. So if you decide that you’re going to have 4 tubs, 4 tubs is what you get for holiday decorations.


Tubs also make it easy for your helper elf to pull them down every year when it is time. You and your helper elf (who might not be able to see the forest through the trees at times, just saying!) can easily see which tubs you need when they are red and green and will probably pull the right ones down for you with this extra help.

Notice I said pull them ‘down’? The best place to store holiday decor that you use once a year is up high and out of the way. Preferably in the garage, attic or basement. This way, it is literally not in your way for the 11 months that you don’t need them!

As an aside, if you are like me and LOVE to decorate, it pays to buy colored tubs for each holiday. They are typically in stock and in stores 2-3 weeks before each holiday and then they disappear, so grab them when you can!

I have orange and black tubs to store my fall decor, which hold both Haloween and Thanksgiving. I store these holidays together and it makes an easy transition since the dates fall so closely together.

I also have pink and purple bins for my spring decor. I store Easter and St Pats day decorations in these.

With this bin strategy, I only have to pull bins 3 times a year, spring, fall and winter. It works really well for me.

If you already have bins but they are not color coded, you can always use tape. Buy tape that has the proper colors or images for each season and run the tape all of the way around each bin so that it is visible on all sides. Again, you can buy seasonal tape during each season. I did this for a few years for my spring collection until I found the perfect bins!

Do you have any other holiday decor tips that you use that you can share with us? If so, please submit your ideas, tips and strategies in the comment box below!

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