Create a gift station for yourself this holiday season

As the holidays draw near there, is nothing better than a having a dedicated place to wrap gifts and find your gift wrap.

This client had just moved into a new house, and when we unpacked her gifts and gift wrap, I wanted to put it in one area for her so she could easily access it throughout the year.

We found a place in the garage that had open cabinets and a shelf below. We consolidated all of her gift wrap, bows, ribbon, greeting cards and gifts and placed them into tubs and containers in the cabinets above, making sure to include tape and scissors.

We had a separate container for gifts bought for specific people, a container for gifts for kids, and another container for hostess gifts. We placed a large board on the shelf below to create a surface for wrapping gifts.

She now has a one stop shop in her garage for gifts. Any time she needs a gift she can just open the cabinet, find the right gift and wrap them right there. She knows right where everything is and it’s very easy. A benefit to having the gift station in the garage is that she can grab a gift on her way out the door and get it in the car before she’s had a chance to put it down and forget it.

There’s no better thing to do for yourself than to set up a gift closet or gift cabinet, especially this time of year. Have fun and create one for yourself. It’s a really great way to stay organized and avoid stress during the holidays.


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