Daily tips to start the new year strong!

Happy 2015!

This is the perfect year to create new opportunities and positive shifts in your life. I am committed to helping you see for yourself how and why you might be having a difficult time creating the life of your dreams. I will also provide tips to help you create the dramatic and positive changes you are waiting for. So here is tip #1:

If you truly want to begin a new chapter in your life this year, it will help if you begin to let go of as many possessions as you can tolerate. Too many possessions will keep you from moving forward and chasing your dreams. On the wall of a restaurant that I went to just last night was a painting that read, “A simple life promotes a long life.” They were referring to eating close to the source, but this also applies to possessions. When you add space to your life and your surroundings, you create a vacuum for new things to enter into your life, giving you renewed energy and more vitality.

Make sure to check back often because during this series of blogs, I am going to highlight the many ways that I have seen clutter stop people from reaching their full potential. I will also provide strategies that will help you jetapult toward your dreams!

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