Darker skin can wear bright makeup colors


Vivid colors look amazing against a deeper skin tone! In fact, dark complexions are the best palettes for vibrant shades. But many women of color are hesitant to wear them for fear of looking over-done or “clownish”. If you choose colors that don’t clash with the undertones in your skin, bright makeup colors will blend in and look natural on any skin tone. Remember, if you look best in gold jewelry your undertones are warm, if it’s silver then you are a cool, and if you look equally fabulous in both then your undertones are neutral. Here are some basic rules you can follow to help you look fierce in bright colors:

1. The “No Competition” Clause–Choose a feature to highlight with your bright color, either eyes or lips not both! If you’re rocking a bright eye shadow pair it with a neutral lip color. If you’re wearing a vibrant lip, go with a more toned down eye color.

2. Focus bright eye shadow on the lid only—Place your bright shadow between the lash line and the crease and don’t carry it all the way to the brow bone. That look only works on the runway.

3. Don’t be too matchy—Choose colors that compliment your eye color rather than match it. Purples and plums accent green eyes; coral and bronze look great with blue eyes; and brown eyes can go with just about anything.

4. Play with colored eye liner—For just a “pop” of color use a vibrant eye liner. Outline the top for a more subtle look…your lashes will tone it down….or go bold by lining the bottom. If you’re feeling adventurous wear a different color on top and bottom that complement each other.

5. The intensity of cheeks and lips should be the same—If you’re wearing a vibrant lip color be sure to match the intensity on your cheeks with a blush in the same color family. If you’re lip is nude or neutral your cheeks should also reflect that same tone.

The most important rule for wearing bright color on a deeper skin tone is to wear it with confidence! If you know you look good, others will know it too!

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This article was contributed by Karol Young Mose

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