Dining room organization

Before / After Case Study:

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My client had started working on her scrapbooks over a year before I was called into help.

She had decided to use her dining room table for her workspace and the family had not been able to eat together at the table during this period of time.

Amazingly enough, her kids had actually commented that they would like to start eating together again so we whipped it into shape as soon as I arrived. Now they are able to eat together every evening! We created a scrap book nook for her projects in an area in the kitchen that was not being used.

What Our Clients Say:

“Thank you so much! Of course I will refer my friends. Hiring an organizer was the best thing I ever did.”

TS, Financial Planner

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  1. Love it! Great job with that dining room. I love to hear about creative solutions like using an area in the kitchen that was unused.

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