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Dear Kathi,

My step-daughter has a clothing problem. She is all chest and wants to know what to wear to appear less chesty. Any easy advice for a teenager?

Peggy, San Diego


Start with making sure that your step-daughter has a properly fitting bra. She should be re-sized by a lingerie professional each year as she matures. Seamless off-white bras, smooth and without a fabric pattern are the easiest styles to coordinate with every type of clothing your step-daughter might wear. Under wire bras will provide the best support.

Clothing details for a large-chested woman to avoid on shirts or jackets include wide lapels, pockets over the breast area, large buttons, huge prints and baggy cuts.

Instead, choose empire cuts with seams just under the breastline. Empire styles also help to define the waistline. Many large-breasted women are short waisted and this seaming really helps provide definition to an otherwise straight line.

V-necklines are great to elongate the torso. Be careful not to expose too much cleavage-under a deep plunging neckline wear a camisole or lightweight t-shirt.

When layering shirts, choose solid colors and eschew large patterns on the outer layer. A great look is to combine a close fitting shirt under a lightweight jacket. This close cut top provides definition and the jacket camouflages any extra large curves.

Wear blouses with minimal decoration. Choose to focus embellishments and accessories on the eyes, jeans, shoes, etc. In other words, draw the eye away from the chest area and emphasize the other more favored areas of the body. If her eyes are exceptional, choose eye shadows that bring out their beauty. If she has long legs, wear slacks that make them appear even longer and leaner. If her hair is a great feature, she might want to wear hair accessories that attract the eye to that portion of her overall image.

Shoes are an easy way to draw attention down the torso. Choose pointed toe shoes to help elongate the bodyline. Wear cute rounded toes with interesting details. Avoid clunky shoes, as these add weight to the bottom of your image and also stop the eye at your feet instead of encouraging them to scan up and down.

The faster the eye travels up and down an object, the longer and leaner it will appear. This is a good rule of thumb for everyone.

Choose your best feature and work on bringing attention to that area. Don’t dismay if (in your mind) there is one part of your body that is less than acceptable. We all have at least one aspect that we would trade in if we could. The point is to de-emphasize that area and play up the feature that you are most pleased with! Lead the eye to that area with extra color, accessories or embellishments. Have fun, try a few playful image tricks with your friends and see if you get any compliments.

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2 Responses to Dressing for full figured teenagers

  1. my step-daughter is 5ft 2 inches
    and she weighs 170 pounds.She has
    a clothing problem i dont know what kind of clothing to get
    her or what kind of bra’s. she wears 36-38c cup.
    i need to know how to get her right clothing
    and stylish clothing
    but i dont know how to come about that.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      The first place to start is to make sure that your step-daughter is wearing the right size bra. Take her to a professional bra fitter to check this out. A good bra that fits will be the basis for her looking and feeling good about herself. 80 of women are wearing the wrong size bra.If you have a Nordstrom in your area, go there. They are well trained and have a good selection of bras.

      Secondly, you need to find a retail store that sells plus size petite clothes. Call your local merchants and ask if they carry size 14+ petites.

      Depending on your step-daughter’s age, you might have more to consider. If she is a young teenager, it will be difficult to find fashion styles in her size. You might have to purchase regular size clothing and have them altered in the hem and sleeves.

      If you have the means, it will pay to use a professional to assist your step-daughter. If she stays this size, the tips she learns for dressing and finding the right clothes for her body shape will be invaluable throughout the rest of her life. She will also spend less on items that she never wears after she purchases them.

      If you live in San Diego, I can assist. If you are in another area, visit http://www.aici.org/find/finding.htm to find a qualified Image Consultant in your area.
      Best of luck to you!

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