Finally ~ an Easy Way to Keep Cords From Sliding Off Your Desk

I have had the good fortune to try out a new cord organizer for the past few weeks. Actually it is a bit of an organizer and also a storage device. This little device is called MOS which stands for Magnetic Organization System.

I am not sure if you have the same problem that I do  but every time I used to disconnect my laptop to carry it somewhere else, all of my cables wold then quickly fall off of my desk. ONce I disconnect, the monitor, keyboard, hard drive and speaker cables would slide right off of my desk. This made getting back hooked up and running later a pain the you know what!

So, I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this cute little device. It seemed too small and too cute to be able to wrangle all of my cables and keep them in one place in between use. But guess what? It does and it is oh, so simple. No installation required. Simply place it on your desk wherever your cables might be and let the magnets attract and hold them tight! Oila! Now my cables no longer fall on to the floor when not in use.

Also, they provided extra magnetic ties which worked out great for my super heavy printer cable and my ipad cable that did not seem to be very magnetic. This device is also available in black and aluminum.

If your desk is up against a wall and it makes sense, MOS can also mounted to the wall which keeps all loose cables off of your desktop. As a professional organizer, who constantly asks my clients to keep 60% of their desk cleared and open for business,  I give this option a thumbs up!

They are ready and waiting in a nice, neat and organized fashion when I jump back onto my desk. Yay!

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