Garage organization before and after

Before / After Case Study:

Garage Organization

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Garage Organization 2

The car had not seen the inside of the garage for quite some time (a few years) when I was called in to help. There was already built-in storage but simply too much stuff. For starters, everything had to come out of the garage. We purged and repacked the Holiday d├ęcor into large plastic bins. We arranged all Costco items on a shelf just inside the door for easy access. Many items were moved into the overhead storage area, some were donated.

We hauled a few to a consignment shop during our lunch break. As you can see, we still had a few rogue chairs which we moved to the front of garage. We scheduled a pick-up for upholstering the next working day. The holiday items were left lined up along the side of the garage since it was time to decorate the house the following weekend. After the holidays, the bins will be moved onto overhead storage.

The beautiful result at the end of the day was that one of the cars can now live comfortably in the garage!

What Our Clients Say:

“Your enthusiasm and energy made this project very enjoyable. You were
really good with creating systems and finding the space for all of my
clothes. I love my new closets.”

Ruth Rinek, La Jolla

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