Garage Organizing in a Day

This weekend I found myself unmucking a garage so that yet another poor car could have a home. This type of project is always exciting to me. I find myself up to my ears in muck half way through the day and by the end, the car sails inside to it’s new home free and clear! It is very rewarding work and saves me a trip to the gym!

When people try to clear out their garage and make room for their car without  professional help it frequently turns into a 2 -3 month project. And sometimes it simply never gets finished. The stuff comes out, no decisions get made, it turns dark and the muck goes right back in again. I have heard of this happening several weekends n a row. Profesional Organizers keep huge projects like this one focused and moving so that at the end of the day, the project is done!

As project ring leaders, Professional Organizers mediate the blame game and end the finger pointing to get everyone working towards the end goal. We also help you make tough decisions quickly to help expedite the process.

I am still surprised that it is often just me and the Mrs. tackling a garage project like this one. Girl power! In this case study, I was blessed to work with mom, 2 daughters and 1 son in law with muscles!

If you need a home for your car and the garage is too packed to accomodate, give us a call. This is what I do!


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  1. Kathi has been working with me for years. The only time we ever got our garage together was after working with her and once things have a place, it is easy to keep on top of it. I think everyone would do well to work with Kathi!!!

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