Gift closet organizing

Before / After Case Study:

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Two kids and numerous parties to attend throughout the year. A large closet was used to hide gifts with no real structure within for wrapping paper, gifts, ribbons etc.


Create an official gift closet! We installed a wall to wall shelf at waist level in the interior of the closet. Below the shelf are plastic bins, one for each child and other family members, one for spur of the moment hostess gifts another for spare kid party gifts.

A tall kitchen trashcan holds wrapping paper rolls. Two long shelves above the new counter hold bins for bows, ribbon, greeting cards and packing materials. A large board mounted on the inside of the door is a holding zone for invitations and information on upcoming events.

What Our Clients Say:

“Kathi created a “project” closet out of our hall closet. It was useless space filled with umbrellas, coats, presents, etc. all piled on top of each other. I actually had no idea of what exactly was in there. She created an area that I can do all my wrapping, which had previously been stuck under my bed, and store all of my gifts. It also has enough space to store all of my photo albums and scrap booking. This one closet has made such a difference in my daily routine. I have one place that I keep all of my necessities away from the kids. It works great! “

Kristen, Bonsall

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