Handling the Workload of Three Employees



My office just cut back on staff. Now I’m temporarily handling my normal workload along with two other missing team members. How can I work more efficiently? I’m tired of having dinner with the night janitor.

Ben, San Marcos


Double up on certain tasks. Do small tasks simultaneously, such as sorting through mail while you are talking on the phone, or purging files while eating lunch.
Stand up while on the phone. Your conversations will automatically be shorter.
Use window envelopes where appropriate, saving time in writing or typing the name and address.
Purge your files annually. You will be better able to find files and decrease storage space.

And, my usual advice, take many short breaks throughout your day to stretch and refresh. You will inevitably accomplish more with less effort using this method.

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One Response to Handling the Workload of Three Employees

  1. ellie says:

    Dear Master of Muck,

    Your reply to Ben made a lot of sense… for women. Women can pay attention to and do many things simultaneously because as Gatherers we were designed with diffuse awareness, or scan vision. For men, Hunters, multi-tasking is more challenging as they were designed with track vision; or single-focused attention.

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