Holiday finance and time organizing


Do you have any suggestions on ways to save money and be more organized prior to this busy holiday time?

Gabriella, Entrepreneur


Compile a list now of the people you will buy Christmas gifts for this year. Keep this list in your purse or wallet. As you go into stores for errands, buy presents and make a note on your list. Keep a running tally and you will avoid duplicate gifts. Wherever you decide to store these gifts, make sure to keep them all in one space. An under-the-bed storage box will serve you well throughout the year. Pre-shopping increases the likelihood that you can take advantage of sales. You will also be more in control of your money.

Your gifts will be thoughtful and it becomes easy to buy extra items while you are already shopping. By the time November rolls around, you will be finished with your list and ready to check it twice. If you come up with a missing item, use the ‘After Thanksgiving Day Sale’ to buy any remaining gifts on your list. It is always a good idea to buy three-five extra small gifts for the occasional hostess gift, co-worker gift raffle, or surprise holiday guest. Implement this practice now and in

December you will be able to enjoy the parties and holiday cheer without stress. Give this a try and you’ll never shop on Christmas Eve again.


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