Home Office Gets Organized and Comes Clean

Situation: A very productive and active office with too many books and papers and not enough cabinets, file drawers  or shelves.

 office before

Challenge: No system was in place for all of the papers to land when they arrived into the home office. Also there was no specific place for them to live while they were in use and needed. The big issue was that there was no set strategy for them to leave when they were no longer needed.

Solution: We created a filing system that organized the papers vertically (look to the left of the monitor) as they arrived and when in use. We also created file folders for the papers that were needed for a short time and also a separate area for those that were needed permanently.

After the papers were organized, we grouped and organized the office supplies and books, getting rid of the unnecessary items. Once we saw what remained, we redesigned the office and had a wall to wall u-shaped desk built with proper file drawers, drawers, cabinets and book shelves.

Now the office has a home for everything with more space. The owner can get even more work completed in less time and with less stress.

home office after

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One Response to Home Office Gets Organized and Comes Clean

  1. Cheryl Werneth says:

    This is a snap shot of my office above, but worse! I need your help in creating a file system for personal and business. right now things are so unorganized if I was asked for a certain document it would probably take me hours if not days to find it 🙁



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