Home Organization Includes Creating an Organized and Efficient Home Office

I was sitting at our kitchen table, with my computer and a small handful of files in a carry bag that were necessary for the project I was working on. Within 30 feet was my office door but I would not go in and work there. Literally, I had moved myself out of my office with all the “muck” I had accumulated over the past 8 years. I thought back to all the things that had moved in, filling up that space. Four home based businesses, two books, no less than three manuscripts that were sitting in a file untouched, the estate management files necessary for conducting business for my mother-in-law (with Alzheimer’s), one corporation, and of course, within this tidy mess were our personal files for the house and the running of it!

I was sick and saddened with the idea that I didn’t want to go in there to work. I had recently made the decision to “come out of the closet” as a full-time writer/author and I simply would not go into “my space” because “my space” had become a holding vault for my past. I was ready to move on, but my office was not on board! I knew my circumstances needed to be addressed but I simply did not know how I was going to tackle the challenge. The thought of it simply caused my body to hold its breath; literally, I felt the creative life in me being smothered by tons of paper and muck.

As the weight of doing something about it slowed me down, making my shoulders ache, I was still going forward with my intention to jump into my career. With that in mind, I attended a SCORE networking breakfast and to my relief, I heard Kathi Burns talking about getting rid of my muck. I was so inspired and ready after her lecture; I bought her book, her filing system and a few of hours of her time and went home with the pure determination to “manage my muck.” It began by reading through her book. Then, my wonderful and creative sister traveled to San Diego, and we dumped nine 45-gallon trash bags of paper into the recycle bins and gave away another truck load to a charity. We painted, redesigned and then Kathi came and sat with me and helped me create my filing system.

I am now at least 200 pounds (or more) lighter in my office and at least 1000 pounds lighter in my heart and mind. My creative juices are flowing and I am in business, doing what I have wanted to do all my life…write!! Thank you Kathi, for your ability to create space…not just in my office but in my heart too! God bless you!!!

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