Home Organization of a Young Girls Room

Situation: Too many books and toys and not enough storage. All this clutter and the little girl could not decide what she wanted to play with.

Solution: We downsized the toy collection and got rid of the outgrown games and books. We also reorganized the closet which gave us a bit more room for extra items that did not belong loose in the room. The dog loved the new found floor space!

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4 Responses to Home Organization of a Young Girls Room

  1. Hi Kathi, Great makeover! I had to chuckle over the fact that the “before” messy room wasn’t even fit for the dog! Now, he’s right at home! Sarita

    • Kathi Burns says:

      Yes – the dog loved the improved space. We could not get him out of the picture and after a few attempts so we decided to keep him in it!

  2. Cheri Carroll says:

    I love your before and after photos and all your suggestions — so helpful! Thank you so much for being so freely giving of your time and ideas.

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