Is 2016 The Year You Finally Get Your Home Organized?

Getting your entire home organized might seem like an overwhelming task. Maybe even the thought of getting one organized might seem out of reach.

If you have been struggling with a messy disorganized home, I  know that other parts of your life are probably also not going as smooth as you wish. You see, disorganization in any area of your life spreads over into all of the others.

Consider this scenario: You have an early appointment first thing on the morning.  You set your alarm, scramble out of bed and jump into your closet. UGH – you cant find the sweater that you wanted to wear and the pants appear to be wrinkled because they were stuck between two jackets. You finally put together an outfit – not the one you had in mind but – you look acceptable.

Next stop ~ the kitchen. You want to grab a quick cup of coffee and a bagel and head out the door. Oops  – the coffee container is empty and you don’t know where your refill cartridges are right now. So – skip that. You find the bagels but cant find the jam so you slab some butter and head out the door.

You do arrive on time to your appointment but you feel extremely frazzled. Also, you are not as confident as you would have been in the that perfect sweater and you try to hide the wrinkles in your slacks by sitting down quickly when the meeting begins.

So – what price did you pay for having a disorganized closet and a mess of a pantry?

#1 You werent at the top of your game for the meeting.

#2 You made it on time but barely and happy that you did not get a speeding ticket enroute.

#3 During the meeting you silently berate yourself  and swear you will get it together better next time. “Oh, what was he just saying? I’d better tune in and stop festering.”

#4 You arrive home and feel defeated and also exhausted when you look around your home.

This example might seem a bit extreme, but I hear many versions of this story when I work one on one with my clients. This is why I decided to take my knowledge and make it accessible it to everyone, regardless of where they live or even their budget.

I have created a course called Home Organizing Made Simple where I can guide you and help you organize your entire home. I’ll be with you every step of the way, room by room, task by task.

I created simple instructional videos and checklists with tried and true tips that I have been using with my clients over the last decade.

This course is a step by step instruction curriculum that everyone can use to get their home organized and, once again,  create space for themselves to relax and enjoy their home!

So many people are stuck in the rut of their possessions possessing them. Too many things that suck the time out of their day and keep them from being able to enjoy free time and relaxation.

So here it is! I am so proud to introduce this life changing course that will guide you and help you take control and get your home in order once and for all!

This course is loaded with videos, checklists and motivational examples developed to support you as you take control of your home and create order once and for all!

Check out the details with this link and I will see you there!

This Home Organizing Made Simple Course will:

Provide easy manageable, controllable short sprints to clear the clutter through each room of your home.

Keep you from feeling overwhelmed as you tackle each area.

Provide a gentle, professional, guiding light to help you move through your process.

Eliminate the distractions that keep you from being fully present to your family.

Eliminate the endless piles of objects stacked everywhere throughout your house.

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