How a Client Organized her Artwork and Unfinished Projects

Situation: A very talented artist was downsizing and getting ready to move. She needed to reduce her collection of artwork and supplies to keep it organized and functional in her new home.


Challenge: Because the client works in many different mediums, she had a lot of paper and art supplies that she had collected for her various projects. She also had a very large collection of artwork in her portfolios; some that she had created and some by other artists.


Solution: We pared down her paper collection. Six bins of paper was narrowed down to two bins plus one for under-bed storage. One bin holds white paper, one bin holds colored paper, and one bin holds materials for collage work. She donated three bins of paper to an art teacher at the private school where she works. We put oversized paper in a container so the movers could easily move it without damaging it. We went through her three portfolios and took out duplicates, pieces that she did not feel were good enough to show to clients, and pieces she will sell. We managed to get all of her work and other artists’ work in one portfolio. We also separated out unfinished projects into a separate portfolio to keep them in one place when she is ready to tackle them. Now she has a lot less muck to move, and finding what she needs in her new home will be a breeze!

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