How One Client Made Space in her Garage to Eliminate her Storage Unit

Situation: This client has had a storage unit since 2007. She has downgraded from a large unit to a medium unit, and then down to a small unit. She decided to get rid of the storage unit altogether and store everything in her home, saving herself the monthly fee.


Challenge: The client needed to make space in her garage for the items from her storage unit. She is also moving and needed to downsize and pack, making sure there will be room for everything in her new home.


Solution: We organized, downsized, packed and labeled everything in the client’s garage. Once we had space in the garage for the items from storage,  we went to the storage unit and organized and downsized everything there. The items she decided to keep were loaded into a van and moved to her garage. Furniture, paintings, pottery, and a couple boxes were organized, packed, and labeled, ready to be moved to her new home with the rest of her belongings.

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One Response to How One Client Made Space in her Garage to Eliminate her Storage Unit

  1. Bill says:

    Great ideas, you might also want to consider building a rack on the ceiling (above your cars). We have found this to be a great place to store surf boards etc. In San Clemente California, we have surf board storage issues in garages. In fact, many of our clients at San Clemente Storageuse our storage units just for surf boards.

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