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Successful Business Owner Grows Up

Before / After Case Study:


This client was lost about how to dress as a woman over 30. She still relied on styles that she wore in her twenties and had not yet discovered the right departments to shop in as a mature adult. She would constantly find herself in the Junior section by default and didn’t know where to look in women’s departments. Her employees were constantly telling her to wear grown up clothes!


Show her what clothes worked for her body shape and position in life. After all, she was now a mom and the owner a very successful salon. Once she saw how great she looked in the clothes that actually worked for her body shape she learned her rules in a flash! With a little guidance, she quickly absorbed her new clothing guidelines and developed a style that was a WOW!

What My Client Said:

“I feel like a grown up now. I had not been going to the right types of stores since I have been in San Diego. Working with Kathi has been a life-changing experience. My confidence level has soared and people are now taking me more seriously. Now I know what to shop for and where to get it.”

Lisa Knight

Employee Comment:
“She looks great and now wears real clothes instead of teenage stuff. You did a great job!”

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