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Uniforms Make It Easy to Forget To Think Outside The Box!

Before / After Case Study:


This client was stuck in a rut after wearing an airline uniform every day to work for years. She was beginning a new career as a realtor and needed to express her personality. She had great taste in clothes but did not know how to jazz up her outfits. She also wanted to dress as well or better than her clients and go beyond the ho-hum of the classics..


Embellish simple outfits by mixing fabrics, shoes and jewelry to create a signature look. Use jackets as a quick way to dress up an outfit including jeans. She can also take it off to become casual if her clients show up ultra-casual. Note* The dress will be shortened to knee-length.

What My Client Said:

“In such a short amount of time you gave me so many good ideas and really helped me think outside of the box. Who would have guessed that tweed goes with denim or that you can wear satin and not be at a dressy affair. It was all so good for me to know.”

RN in San Diego

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