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I am giving you two “after” photos for this client because they are so great. This client wanted to get away from the same old routine and learn how to ‘step it up’ for evening events and fun weekend outings.

This is one of the few clients who can wear black by her face and get away with it. She is a true winter complexion, think “Snow White” to remember what a winter is. Her hair is naturally jet black and her complexion is creamy and beautiful. Black is never really recommended for anyone over 35 unless they are a true winter and this client is!


Teach her new ways to show off her great shape and still have proper clothes for her children’s medical practice. The idea was business attire that was flexible depending on her caseload for the day and comfortable enough to wear during exceptionally long shifts. Also, we created several outfits for weekend outings and created an outfit for an upcoming gala where she was the star!

What My Client Said:

“Just a quick note to say a heartfelt thank you for all your help over the past several weeks as I’ve struggled with my wardrobe. I love my clothes and shoes and my husband really likes them to. You have pushed the enveloped and this is always good.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and guidance in fashion. I feel more confident myself trying new items and enjoying the process. I used the leopard slip dress and black top and it was soft and comfy and looked just great – the Steve Madden pointed shoes also worked well. Once again thanks for all your efforts “

Dr. Chrystal DeFreitas

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