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New Fabrics Spruce Up This Doctor

Before / After Case Study:


This client has great taste in clothes but had fallen into the common trap of wearing clothes that were too large and too casual. She innately knew the colors to wear for her complexion and had a great sense of style but was not aware of fit or how different fabrics reacted throughout the course of a day.


Step her casual business attire up a notch. I used similar colors but upgraded fabrics and put her into clothes that complemented her body shape and size. As you can see, when she wears clothes that skim her figure with well-tailored lines, she instantly drops 10 pounds! No, she did not lose weight for this “after” photo. It was taken a mere three days after the “before” photo.

What My Client Said:

“”Just wanted to give you a quick follow-up on my new wardrobe (and attitude)! Truthfully, I have barely recovered from the shopping experience: I’ve never met anyone with your energy and drive. I wonder how much your clients have expressed to you what an important part of the consultation experience it is to receive that kind of focused attention! I mean this in a very positive way. You are unquestionably an agent of change. Not just clothing, but attitude, outlook, much deeper! Kind of like walking in expecting a dressing room, and experiencing ….maybe a psychic wind tunnel!

I’ve only begun to absorb the new wardrobe: but so far the reactions I have gotten have ranged from compliments to double-takes. From my family (even my fashionista daughter) as well as my friends and co-workers. I feel much bolder and think I may be stretching my wings a little.

Anyway, thank you for the advice and the whole experience. I do apologize if I was the immovable object, you were certainly the stronger and more irresistible force.

The experience is really having a “ripple effect” on my life! Somehow it’s enabled me to tap into a vast store of energy, and since our shopping trip I have re-organized my bedroom, dining room, office at work…..all kinds of stuff!”

S. Chaplan, Ocean Beach, CA

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