Keeping Your Jewelry Collection Organized

Keeping your jewelry organized and easily accessible is the key to having fun with your accessories while getting dressed. For many of us, out of sight is truly out of mind. We need to see the choices available as we get dressed and a jumble of necklaces in the bottom of a drawer rarely serves that purpose.

Jewelry armoires provide a simple solution to storing your entire jewelry collection under one roof. As a stand-alone storage device, they have large, but limited storage space and create parameters on how large your jewelry collection can grow. Because they take up a small amount of floor space, they often fit perfectly in small closets or bathrooms. You can also keep the drawers open as you choose your accessories so you can see all of your options at once. If you don’t have the money or space for a jewelry armoire, here are a few other tried and true methods to keep your jewelry organized and quickly accessible:

Get Your Necklace Collection in Order

Buy an attractive wall rack, one-armed paper towel rack or bathroom towel rack. Hang this at eye level above your dresser or inside the door of your closet. Chain your necklaces on this rod spread them out so you can see each individual piece.

If your collection is small, you can also use a shaker-style peg rack. The key to keeping order is to hang no more than 2-3 necklaces on each peg.

For exceptional jewelry items, buy a shadow box frame with a door and install a cup hook or t-tack to hang your item on the back panel.

T-shaped craft pins can also be into your wall in a row just below a mirror. Hanging no more than two necklaces on each hook will keep them untangled.

Use straws to keep dainty chain necklaces from kinking. Simply run one end through the straw and attach the clasp at the other end. Trim your straw to fit the necklace length.

If you prefer to keep your jewelry in a drawer, line your drawer with the original boxes. Use the lids as dividers as well. Line them all snug in a row and everything will be in order when you open the drawer.

Egg crates can also serve as nifty little nesting pouches within your drawer.

For the artistic creative types, find a tree branch and coat it in iridescent paint. Anchor it into a pretty vase with rocks and hang your necklaces from the branches

Remove the crystals from an antique chandelier and hang your necklaces on each arm. You can do the same with old table lamps that have many arms below the bulb.

Space at a premium? Use a clear plastic pocket that mounts on the back of your door to keep your jewelry organized and visible.

Earrings Losing Their Mates?

String a sturdy ribbon between two decorative nails on the wall above your dresser to hang your dangly earrings.

Disassemble the back of a pretty picture frame and install a screen with large holes as the new backing. Hang the frame on your wall and your earrings in the frame.

Egg crates also make cozy little nesting pouches for post earrings.

Keep your Bracelets Ready to Go

Install pushpin t-hooks in a line on your wall and hang a bracelet from each hook.

Have a huge bracelet collection? Line your shallow dresser drawer with small boxes and lids. Use as many as you need to fill the drawer completely so they will remain in order. Store one set of bangles or individual bracelets within each area.

Whatever storage method you choose, make sure to hang a mirror in the jewelry area so you can try on your accessories and quickly put them back if they don’t coordinate perfectly with your outfit. Creating an accessory zone will provide quick-change options and make accessorizing and looking fantastic a snap!


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