Letting go after a loved one has passed away

Often I’ve been called in to help people with what I consider very sacred organizing work which is to help a client move on after the death of a loved one. This often involves releasing the things that are no longer relevant to them that might have been relevant to their loved one. The client does not need to keep these things in their life because it makes them sad. When organizing a loved one’s belongings after their transition, it’s all about energetics; getting rid of the things that make them feel sad and keeping only the things that have good memories attached to them. It’s very precious sacred work and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help my clients move on and get back into life full tilt as single individuals with joy. You can’t really move on into a new single life if you don’t release a lot of the old stuff from your loved one. I do this work often and I consider it a privilege and an honor to help my clients do this.

Here is an example of an area that needed to be purged of a loved one’s belongings so my client could use the space productively:

Here is the space after the organization process:

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  1. Spectacular job!!! You are SO good at what you do and worth every penny!!!!!

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