How to Master Your Muck! ~ Buy it Now!

How to Master Your Muck!

Get Organized, Add Space To Your Life,

Live Your Purpose!


This definitive guide provides solutions for the most common areas where people get stuck: paper piles, time overwhelm, technology strangleholds, and more. You will learn easy to implement methods to help you become the master of your life.

What Exactly is Muck?

Old Habits
Old Belief Systems
A Crazy Schedule
Paper Piles
An Outmoded Image
Muddled Thinking

…Or Anything That Keeps You Stuck and Makes You Unproductive, Unsuccessful or Unfulfilled

“All muck by its very nature assaults the human spirit. It steals energy, stifles creativity, sabotages success, and undermines happiness.”
Kathi Burns

Buy this book and learn how to take control of your possessions and time so that you can live the life of your dreams!

Much luck to all of you as you learn to master your muck!

What Is Your Muck?


Here’s What Others Say About Master Your Muck:

“The first step toward fabulousness is deciding what you want out of life. The second is clearing away the emotional baggage that’s blocking your way to get there! And that baggage is usually disguised as clutter — whether it’s lurking in your email inbox, your kitchen drawers or in your walk-in closet. In Master Your Muck, Kathi Burns offers effective strategies for clearing away the slop so you can achieve your goals.”
–Clinton Kelly, author of “Freakin’ Fabulous,” motivational speaker, and host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear”

“Master Your Muck is an outstanding resource. It not only helps you organize and simplify your business, it helps you transform it into an enjoyable enterprise. A valuable read!”
Standolyn Robertson

President, National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)

“Dare I say everyone should have a ‘muck master’…….and might I add ‘let it be Kathi Burns!’ Kathi’s book is the best place to begin that process.”
~Dorothy Breininger, CEO
Delphi Center for Organization

“Kathi nails the muck that gets you stuck and tackles it with her eloquent language, powerful systems, and real life examples. Master Your Muck has the solutions that make taking the step from stuck to unstuck to mastery of your muck simple!”
Patty Kreamer, CPO, Speaker, Author, Kreamer Connect, Inc

How to Master Your Muck was recently featured on FOX5 News by the Small Business Development Council

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