Myth #6 About Clutter and Getting Organized

Myth #6

I have to keep this because my friend gave it to me.

It is always the thought that counts when it comes to giving and receiving gifts. Just because the person giving you the gift liked it, does not mean that you have to like it too. Also, even if you do like it, but you have several other similar items, you do not have to keep it. Thank them and quietly give it away to a charity that actually can use that item.

As you do this, the gift becomes more than it was. It is a big sign of disrespect to hoard items that you do not love, use or need. Move the gift forward and magnify it’s reach by helping someone else who actually does love or need it! I give you permission to let go of any gifts lying around that you have been holding onto because of guilt or a sense of obligation.

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