NBC Segment ~ Organize with Alternative Ideas for Holiday Cards and Gift Giving

Holiday Cards – Consider not sending holiday cards at all this year. There is not a law that says you have to send holiday cards every year ~ year in and year out…
If you choose to send cards, consider downsizing your list from the typical 150 to 50. There are options to the usual hand-written snail mail. If you are in the mood to shake it up, try one of these options. I guarantee, your stress level will take a dive into a feeling of calm and serene.

Consider these alternatives:
New Years cards – Save stress. Mail them out anytime between the 26th and Mid January.

eCards – Save money (example Blue Mountain.com)

Fulfillment House – Save time. Send in your photo, let them do the rest. (Snapfish.com)

Card Party – Make it fun. Grab your girlfriends and some snacks and gather around to address envelopes and holiday issues at the same time!

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