Organizing a Busy Work Desk

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With only a small desk and no defined office space, this client had to keep track of massive amounts of information. With such a small space, my news producer was in desperate need to develop better methods to keep it all organized.


This work space was not only very small but also shared by other staff when Jay was not working. Additionally, there is a continuous flow of new information that arrives daily in varying forms. He could receive DVDs, newpapers, large banners, books or giant posters. How could he keep all of this mixed media organized and accessible?

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Jay and I had a long discussion about how his work flowed in and out during his work week. This helped me determine ways to categorize and organize the information as it came into his space along with deciding where it should live while it was in progress. With such a complex schedule and task load, this space is still a work in progress. I am certain that we will wind up with a completely sustainable system developed especially for Jay according to the way he thinks and also the way he handles his workflow throughout the week.

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Tips for organizing a busy workspace

1. Determine what tools are most important to do your job

2. Get rid of materials that are no longer relevant

3. Prioritize what tools you use and keep the most important tools closest to you

4. Assign a functional space for each type of item

Solutions to common work space challenges

1. Piles of business cards?

Scan your business cards and export to database

2. Materials coming in all day from outside sources?

Designate an inbound place for them to land

Create a holding zone while they are in use

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  1. For a moment I thought you had posted pix of Eliot’s desk. You did the same thing over here! You are the BEST!

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