Organizing a Fire Hazard of a Den


This client loved to read and had a massive collection of books. She had so many that they did not fit on her floor to ceiling, wall to wall bookshelf. This caused many books to wind up on the floor and surrounding surfaces, ready to topple at any given moment. There were also too many papers scattered on the floor that could easily make this elderly woman slip and fall.


We reorganized the existing bookshelf so that it could hold the maximum amount of books. After that we cleared out as many books as necessary to make it a safe environment. We donated all excess books to the local library. They were ecstatic to receive so many books that were in such excellent condition.

Keep this in mind for your old books – libraries will either  add  your titles to their catalog or sell them at their bookstore to collect money for newer titles.

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  1. Kathi! You never cease to amaze me :o)

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