Organizing a large house

Dear Kathi,

Why do you think there is such a need for organizers these days? Do people have more stuff? Bigger houses? Do people not need all the things they buy? Is life these days more complicated?

Carole, Encinitas,


I think you are correct about most of your assumptions. People are becoming busier and moving faster than ever before, especially here in the US. We are bombarded with commercials to buy things every day. We are, in fact, bombarded by over 1400 advertising messages per day. When we hear the message often enough, we buy the product, hence our full homes. Homes are full of items that have been used once or twice and then stowed somewhere out of sight.

When I work with clients we often discover items that have been forgotten and sometimes never used. This is a very common occurrence. Clients call in Professional Organizers when there are no other storage areas available in the home and their excess possessions are beginning to overtake their actual living space.

This might sound crazy but this situation happens slowly over time. It happens so slowly that people don’t realize it until they feel crowded, claustrophobic and desperate.

With less and less personal time, Professional Organizers are becoming very popular. The last thing most people want to spend time on is clearing their clutter. They also feel out of control and need a Professional to provide direction and expedite the process.

Frequently there is guilt associated with getting rid of possessions. Organizers can help you decide what to keep and what to let go of. We talk through the process of releasing and donating items. Individually, it is hard to get rid of gifts that you never liked or inheritance items that are now in your possession.

It helps to have a Professional give you permission to get rid of your excess baggage. You can always blame it on your organizer if a loved one asks what happened to a particular gift!

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