Organizing files

Before / After Case Study:

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A file cabinet that was not used to it’s fullest potential!

The top drawer did have files standing up vertically but was so jammed packed that it was hard to pull anything out and without tabs for each section of papers required the “hunt and seek” method for retrieval. The bottom drawer was more of a pile than a file sort of organization. This drawer was simply folders stacked on top of one another in no apparent order.


We implemented the Freedom Filer system with these papers. Now, all tax related documents were grouped together, easily filed as they came into the office and pre-organized for tax preparation. Her numerous resource folders were at her fingertips, and all non-tax related bills and bank statements were filed and ready to be systematically removed from the drawer and her life within two years!

What Our Clients Say:

Your enthusiasm and energy made this project very enjoyable. You were
really good with creating systems and finding the space for all of my
clothes. I love my new closets.”

Ruth Rinek, La Jolla

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