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I work from home and can’t seem to stay focused. My desk and schedule are always overrun with items that don’t apply to my job.

Karine, Del Mar


With the shorter commute time, you can tidy up your desk at the end of each day without worrying about rush hour. You will begin with a clean slate and produce results in a much shorter time each morning.

You might need to create a separate desk space or counter area for your personal finances. Set up a corner of your kitchen counter for bills and personal correspondence. This will help you focus on work when you are in your office. Keeping personal matters separate from business also makes your home office eligible for a tax write-off each year.

Hire someone to do the lawn, clean and other routine chores around the house. This will alleviate the tendency to putter about the house throughout the day instead of tackling the workload.

If long periods of sitting makes you lethargic, arrange two working levels so you can do some of your work standing up.

Get at least ten minutes of exercise each day. Decide to step away from your desk at regular intervals. This will reduce fatigue and increase your concentration for the task at hand. 

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  1. In your picture of the home office there is 4 boxes mounted on the wall. Wondering where these could be purchased. Love them!!

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