Organizing kitchen cabinets

Before / After Case Study:


A small kitchen that appeared to be lacking in cabinet space. Some of the cabinets did not have a specified purpose. These quickly became catch-alls for whatever items landed within. The kids toys and crafts took over a lot of the space. Other cabinets that had a purpose were not necessarily positioned in the right area for the task that related to the contents.


Even though this was a seemingly small and useless space, it took on a major roll in keeping the food prep items consolidated and organized. Now the family knows where to look when they begin preparing food before meals. The beauty of this space that you can’t see is that is positioned directly above the knife drawer so prep is all set up in one area.

Another boon from this organizing process was that we created a lunch prep cabinet. This space neatly holds all lunch boxes, baggies, tuppers, plastic forks, spoons and napkins. Lunch is quickly made and ready for school in a snap!

The kid’s craft zone was relocated and stored in plastic tubs with lids in a lower cabinet for quick and easy access.

What Our Clients Say:

“This (organizing) is huge. It is not just about organizing our house it is about putting our family life back on track and how we use our space. Being organized takes the stress away so I can enjoy the time I spend with my family. The worry and burden is no longer there. I can actually spend quality time with my kids instead of searching and worrying about things like lost batteries for the camcorder.

This is so great and I am really excited! I have such a pretty house. I had forgotten how cute it was because I couldn’t see past the clutter and mess.”

Kathleen Rosen, La Jolla

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