Organizing kitchen counters and dining area

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kitchen organization


Very busy family. Both parents working, son in school who also likes to cook and bake. The dining room table was the default landing zone for all incoming papers and water bottles. There didn’t seem to be enough storage space within the kitchen for everything that was needed so things piled up and onto the counter tops.


We moved the wine rack to an area outside of the kitchen. We set up zones for different type of meal activities. For instance, the son loves to bake so he ended up with two shelves in the pantry for his baking ingredients and mixers. A drawer was set aside for quick snacks, another for quick noodle soups.

Every cabinet was emptied and the contents examined. Duplicate and unused items were donated to charity. Wine glasses were moved to the new bar area and other pieces to the china cabinet.

A mail zone was set up on a small corner shelf to the side of the dining table . This shelf also provided a space to move the phone base which moved it off of the counter top.

What Our Clients Say:

“You really bring order to our lives, you have hauled away so much stuff that we never needed to begin with. I love my kitchen counter tops. I can actually see them!”

TT Carlsbad

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