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My kitchen is running out of space. I have too many gadgets to fit into my cabinets. Do you have any secrets for storing these items?

Marti, Del Mar


The number of gadgets and tools created for cooking is amazing. We can own deep fryers, corn bread skillets, power juicers, fruit wedgers, popsicle makers, tortilla bakers, pancake warmers, bacon presses, ice cream makers, grating mills, egg slicers, fruit ripeners, salad blasters, shish kabob baskets, bread buddies, and thousands of other kitchen-type things.

A quick way to increase the space in your kitchen is to get rid of the gadgets and appliances you never use. You might have paid good money for that butter warmer and deviled egg tray. BUT, if you never use them, they’re just taking up valuable real estate. Give them the heave-ho and send them on their way to a local charity. Perhaps someone else will actually use them.

The next time you see a gadget or appliance that you feel might be nifty, ask yourself how often you’re going to use it — and be honest with yourself. Chances are, you’re not going to eat heart-shaped waffles more than once a year. If you do, then that heart-shaped waffle maker may be just what you’re looking for. But, if not, save your money and keep your available kitchen space free for something you’re going to use all the time.

If you still can’t stop yourself from buying new kitchen gadgets, label each item with the date purchased. If you don’t use it in a year, it gets exiled from your kitchen and donated to a good cause.

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