Organizing kitchen pantry

Before / After Case Study:

kitchen pantry organization

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A pantry with shelves that were deep and non-functional. Things would go in and never be found again without a lot of effort and excavating. It was a hassle to vacuum because it was a fight to get it out and put it back in.


I am so proud of my client! We discussed what might help her optimize this space and solve her “black hole” issues with the deep shelves. Before I returned, she had her pantry gutted and new shelves installed. She created her own design and it now functions beautifully! Notice how her vacuum cleaner still lives in the same space but has room to come in and out with ease. It is no longer smushed up against loose items. Great job Kathleen!

.What Our Clients Say:

“This (organizing) is huge. It is not just about organizing our house it is about putting our family life back on track and how we use our space. Being organized takes the stress away so I can enjoy the time I spend with my family. The worry and burden is no longer there. I can actually spend quality time with my kids instead of searching and worrying about things like lost batteries for the camcorder.

This is so great and I am really excited! I have such a pretty house. I had forgotten how cute it was because I couldn’t see past the clutter and mess “

Kathleen Rosen, La Jolla

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2 Responses to Organizing kitchen pantry

  1. Denise says:

    I can’t stand clutter. But somehow it finds a way into the house – like the “junk drawer” in the kitchen 🙂 I was amazed at what a great job you did! keep up the good work!

  2. John says:

    Not able to see after picture. Cannot mouse over on a smartphone.

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